ACE Digital Marketing is a boutique agency.

We customize each creation to fit your needs.

One you become fearless, you become limitless....whatever your vision is, we commit to making YOUR vision a digital reality.

Ace Ross Studios

"Turning the Invisible into the Visible."

"How can you score if you do not know where the goal is?"

We guarantee results! Let your target customers know your story through the most trusted media outlets in the world.

It took decades for me to learn how to do this stuff, allow me the pleasure to serve you. Turn years into months, months into days, and days into minutes of time saved on figuring out, how do I do this, so you can better serve your vision while Ace - Digital Marketing works for you.

Ace-Digital Marketing reserves the rights to choose selectively the clients to work with. If you are keen on addressing your needs with Ace,  please email Include what your needs are.

What do receive when you hire me:

  • We create your brand identity and communicate your story.
  • We purchase your URL and hosting for one year.
  • Create your wordpress website.
  • Submit to search engines.
  • Create your google business listing.
  • Create your social media pages on Linkedin, FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter

All included in the above program is $750.00. A 50% deposit to start the job, balance is due at completion. If you are unhappy we will work with you until you are jumping for joy. Time to completion is 2 weeks.

At the end of the first year, your URL and Hosting can be renewed with Ace-Digital Marketing for $125.00 a year. You will receive your invoice via PAYPAL.

Once your job is finished our rate is $25.00 an hour minimum to make the changes, add photos, categories, pages etc.

Press release package 1- $250.00 per release on 400 guaranteed news, websites. It is recommended to prepare to release 1 press release a month.

Press release package 2: $450.00 premium published on Reuters, Yahoo, Google, ABC, NBC, FOX plus 400 min media website outlets guaranteed.

Does your reputation and story communicate provenance: accessible, trustworthy information about your origin, journey, mission and impact?

Everyone wants to look good, this is what we are passionate about.

If you look good, we look outstanding.

When we engage in business we find a way to do more for others than anyone else.

We find a way to truly serve.

To care for people in a way that no one else can. To add massive value to the world.

We are given the gift of trust and influence. Business allows us to make the invisible visible.

Business allows us to be the creator. Our focus is to do more for others than anyone else. To add massive value to the world.

Business allows us to gain resources, connections and influence. And, with that, we can impact the entire planet for good.

ACE Digital Marketing agency works with one client at a time.

Our two press release packages guarantee exposure with more than 1,400+ Recognized Real Media Outlets. Our syndicated distribution has greater reach to more High Authority Media Outlets than competitor services can deliver.

My promise is "your brand is published on the world’s leading authority News Networks like Reuters, Yahoo, Google, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, Associated Press, LexisNexis and more"… This means your Press Release is going to be found in more places, by even more people, grabbing more attention than ever before

You are your brand! It is monumental for you to create the excitement and have a presence on the internet formatted for all applications. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Be FEARLESS!

For more info about this subject call of email today!