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Case Study:1

Huntington NY General Dentistry

Dr. Jordan Freed is Number One in search for a NY Dentist!

We completed a complete overhaul of  Dr. Freed's Website, Face Book, and Press placing Dr. Jordan Freed on the top of the search as NY Dentist.

Huntington General Dentistry is now in the Google three pack, on major news networks, and comes up number 1 as NY Dentist. We are grateful to have built the Website, Face Book Page, Issued Press and created a seamless internet experience when people are searching for a local Long Island Dentist with a very serious reputation.
Dr. Jordan Freed

Dr. Jordan Freed

This was all we actually had to work with to achieve the results needed to make Dr. J look like a rock star.

Dr. Jordan Freed

Dr. Jordan Freed

Video Facebook Header and Website Videos.



Team Approach

Case Study:2

 Leif's Improv Playhouse Brooklyn NYC

Leif's Improv Playhouse is becoming the number ONE acting School that people trust!

I have been working with Leif for the past 5 years building his internet reputation, website, Reputation Management with outstanding press  on all major 
Leif's Improve Playhouse at the Aviator in Brooklyn.

Leif's Improve Playhouse at the Aviator in Brooklyn.

news networks etc.

When Parents Google Leif, we have his back. Word Up.
The timely release of Reputation Management via Press Releases absolutely created an undeniable presence and provenance for Leif's Playhouse.
Leif's is becoming the Number One go to in NYC helping children break out of the box!
Leif now has a second location at The Aviator in Brooklyn.
 Leif is not only my friend, he is my hero!  I am so proud to be on his team.
Leif Riddell

Leif Riddell is an amazing NYC working Actor


News Netowks

My commitment is to manage your online reputation and create leads to you business.

Keywords inserted into The Improv Playhouse help parents find the number one guy in Brooklyn that can be trusted!

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Leif Riddell

Leif Riddell presents The Improv Playhouse

Major Press on all News Networks

Team Approach

Case Study:3

Kayser Intimates and Sleepwear

Kayser International Global Initiative focused Digital Marketing and Lead Generation



Kayser is my passion in reputation management and my focus to find international entrepreneurs to open Kayser Boutiques around the world.

I will get your business on the major news networks!

I will get your business on the major news networks!

When I joined Kayser in November of 2016, the company being the number 1 intimate brand in Chile had absolutely ZERO "O" presence on the internet outside off Chile and Peru.

All you would find is Eric Kaysers Sandwich Shop, today Google Kayser Intimates, when you do can you agree that what we do here gets outstanding results?

Being constant and consistent resulted in closing deals for Kayser Distribution in The USA and Canada. The Company has asked me to focus on international. Today I am working on Pakistan, France and Africa and reaching out to individual countries with my Kayser Global Partnership Initiative creative marketing.

Case Study:4

Sherwin Ace Ross

Sherwin Ace Ross

Under promise and over deliver

Doing something is better than doing nothing!

This is a partial list of news stations and websites sites that picked up the reputation management, lead generation work we wrote and distributed.

report of website submissions



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